Running at Villa Kudu

If you are a runner, you must experience running in the South African Bush!

The wilderness area has excellent running paths and the Sandspruit River attracts much activity from the wildlife, which can entertain you during your running session. Remember there are no Big 5 on the estate, making it a safe environment for you to enjoy a run in the middle of the south-african bush.

Always remember you are in Africa, and it can be very warm! Read our quick tips for running in the Heat.

If you prefer to train under a fan, or air-conditionning, the Gym Room at Villa Kudu offers an excellent alternative, with a Technogym Personal Line Run 700.

Tips for Running in the Heat

  1. 1
    Make adjustments

    Don’t do long or higher-intensity workouts during the heat of the day. As a general rule, start your workout slower than you usually do. If you’re feeling good halfway through, it’s okay to speed up a little bit.

  2. 2
    Wear as little as possible

    Wear apparel that’s light in color, lightweight, and has vents or mesh. Microfiber polyesters and cotton blends are good fabric choices. Also, be sure to wear a hat, shades, and sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

  3. 3
    Drink early and often

    Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink. If you’re thirsty, that means you’re already low on fluids.

  4. 4
    Be patient

    Give yourself a few days to acclimatize to hot weather, gradually increasing the length and intensity of your training. In that time, your body will learn to decrease your heart rate, decrease your core body temperature, and increase your sweat rate.

  5. 5
    Head out early

    Even in the worst heat wave, it cools off significantly by dawn. Get your run done then, and you’ll feel good about it all day.